Sujatro Ghosh

Activist  •  Artist  •  Feminist

About Me

I am Sujatro Ghosh, 24 and I am an Artist-Activist. I primarily started working as a photojournalist with women rights, LGTBQI Issues and environmental issues. Since I was a child, there has always been an intrinsic urge within me to capture the essence of human spirit, especially of resilient people emerging from crises, not willing to give up a fight. Art, I believe, is the most powerful tool in portraying this essence when it reflects the times we live in. Over time, through my work, I learnt how art plays a major role in helping us form opinions, educate us about truth and transform mindsets. This has always been the quest behind all my works on social issues, such as Queer rights, diasporic tensions, women rights. To capture the narratives of their struggle which at times is a result of institutionalized mechanisms of injustice and the urgency to fight for a right cause to bring a change is what I wish to convey through my art. I seek to give voice to the voiceless, induce power within the powerless.